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Personal Tax Accountants

Its not just businesses which are in need of an accountant. Many private individuals can find the advice and assistance we give can save them money and ease the burden of dealing with the tax authorities. For example recent changes in the pension rules mean that anyone over 55 with a private pension can withdraw as much of their pot as they wish. This can easily lead to a tax bill of 40 % or even as much as 45%. We can advise on how to prevent this occurring. We also advise on:
  • Self assessment
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Tax on investment income
  • Tax on pensions
  • Rental Income
Personal Tax Accountants
"I went to see Hayward Williams for help in completing my tax return. He asked me a few questions and was amazed when they suggested I may have unnecessarily been charged tax on the sale of shares in my employers company. They looked into it further for me and I was amazed when they got me a tax refund of nearly £4,000." - Glyn Vowles