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Tax Accountancy

This is the area where we believe most small businesses are at their most vulnerable and in need of the help of a qualified accountant. Tax can be complicated and daunting but we aim to:
  • Advise on the most suitable business structure e.g. sole trader, partnership or company
  • Provide sensible, understandable tax advice that saves you money
  • Put your mind at rest
  • Provide information as to the likely tax liabilities
  • Help you get your returns in on time.
"We were facing an unfair demand from HMRC of over £8,000 VAT. Despite HMRC continually insisting that we were liable, Hayward Williams were adamant that HMRC had no right to charge it. We were impressed when HMRC then wrote back to admit they were in the wrong and at our accountant was right along." Huw Williams - Director, Reservoir Geology Consultants Limited.
Tax Accountancy
"We recently changed accountants to Hayward Williams after they had been recommended to us by our bookkeeper. We were very impressed by the tax advice they gave us and they were able to get us a tax refund from previous years." - Matt Wild- Wild Creations Limited